Austin, Live Music Capital of the World

Huh? Whaaat? Mmmm… I don’t know about that title.

I read somewhere on Facebook recently that ACL was coming up and that got me thinking… ACL, SXSW, Old Pecan Street Festival, Austin Celtic Festival, Bat Fest etc etc… Feels like Austin is always gearing up for some kind of creative-hippie-folklore-keepin’ it weird kind of event. I admit I travel all the time, my taste in music may not be mainstream in the ATX population and I am scared of crowds. So while I also don’t partake in the above mentioned events, I also stay away as far away from the more urban/ghetto-fab/straight hood events like TX Relays. No offense my peeps!!! :)

Sadly, I have lived here for almost 10 years and I can’t really say that I relate to any of the major events going on around town. I love Austin, but sometimes I feel like if it wasn’t for my homies (who make every party an event!!!) and the very cool people I have encountered along the way, it probably wouldn’t be such an awesome place for me.

THE QUESTION IS: You are not a hippie… But are you an Austin festival freak? Do you identify with the Austin culture and scene? What do you like, what do you hate? What makes it unique? What would you change? Speak on it :)

  • mnltdancer

    Well, I am a weird mix breed of both Festival lovin hippie and downtown all night clubber. But most of my friends tend to fall in one group or the other. Thats too bad, they are both missing out. I don’t know what I would do without nights of dancing to a kick ass dj playing my favorite original hip hop jams. And getting sweaty and then muddy at a 3 day festival while hearing amazing music you may never have been exposed to otherwise is also an experience I relish. Music is energy and that fact is undeniable when you are witnessing it live. And when you add the element of complete adventure it is absolutely exhilarating.
    Ok.. I definitely sound like a hippie now.. so I am off to see some fav djs at dirty bills then up for ACL tomorrow!

  • Bak

    I like SXSW way better cuz there’s more to check out and you get to walk around town. And I love live DJs and a good funk band. Plus being downtown during the day is actually kinda cool and relaxing. But im with you about TX Relays. Next year, I’ll show around SXSW. And Im not a hippie. Maybe on the sides sometimes but not a full blown one like mntldancer here.

  • minhhh

    wish there was more hip hop in ACL or SXSW