Craig Allen checkn in and honestly i was tricked and hassled to write this site from one of the staff members from the Feedbak. Im not gon name any names tho 🙂 lol…Just messn

Nah but ima keep it one hunnit wit this ish because why when i go out i see guys wit wife beaters on? Its like dudes at the gym be more clothed then the guys you see out at clubs? Isnt that ass backwards?

If you’re a female and you go for a guy like this then sumn aint right. re-Evaluate the situation :). Don’t settle for a guy who doesn’t have the nerve enough to put on some proper threads, i don’t care how good lookn he may be, respect ya-self.

This might be the last time i write on here so i wanna give a huge shoutout to all the local DJs jus grindn and keep it real ill wit they skill…Shoutouts to:: DJ Quickdraw, DJ Mighty Mike, Protoge, DJ Kewl Kris, Badmixx Joe, Mike Swing, Beatchaser, Trez, Twist, Koma, DJ Instagata, DJ KB, SlYCE…You know where im goin wit this shoutout to da homie Sid also…

Love to the Feedbak, i have yet to be or attend one of your events but im sure our paths will cross. Much love and keep doin yall thing…Deuces… 🙂