Ayyyooo!! Craig Allen checkn in again and Bak jus told me i could curse on this muthafucka, so im goin ham on these bitches who jus shit on niggas….

If you dont know by my Facebook already i am fuckn pissed off wit females. I dont wanna be that nigga who specifically names the girls so i will try to not do that as i tell yall why a good guy goes bad….

My mom always taught me to be a gentlemen to any female because of how special they are and the shit they go through. But in hindsight my mom grew up in a different era, she grew up in a time when females knew the value of a man and the man knew the value of a woman. DO WOMEN GET FUCKED OVA?? yea they do, but guys do too. Im really sick of some females talkn shit on guys when they know they can change their situation. Instead what happens they get all fuckn weird and take that shit out on otha niggas….

Looka here, for every girl who has been fucked over by a guy know that complaining about his ass or doin the next guy wrong aint gonna make your situation better. For every guy that you fuck over he will turn right back around and fuck you over.

Honestly you rather have a guy like me tell you the truth about this shit then to have a guy take his hurt out on you and fuck you over. Im just doin what Kanye West woulda done reeeeaaaalllll shit!..

Yo Shoutout to SOHO last night for throwing a bad ass SIN party. Shouts to Unreal360.com and the sweetheart Jade also got a chance to hangout wit two good friends. Im out this bitch…

Hate it or love it…KANYE SHRUG!