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White Girl Rapper Swag

Sup yo,

Craig Allen checkn in…is it jus me or when you run into Bak the first thing he asks u is “You got a story for me?” …Most people say hi, wassup, how u been, nahh not Bak he be in full-time mode 24/7….

On to the topic at hand tho, i was at the Belmont on West 6th Tuesday night and they had this Hip Hop ish goin on. Errybody is spittn heavy bars in the cipher then walks out this lil white girl.

My first thought when i saw her was like, aw shes cute, she must shop at Express and her name must be Becky (messed up i know)…5 seconds after that thought passed, i look up and she spittn heavy bars in the cipher. After she was done, she went to the back bar and i swear she looked at me like i wasnt gonna amount to Sh*t in life :). Aint like i coulda said anything to her, she mighta tried to battle me on some 8mile ish…

White girls aint Fu@%n around for da upcoming year, next thing u know, they gonna be stealin all yall men. Oh wait thas happening now lol….Jus messn…

Live, Love, Learn….Peace

About Craig Allen

Jus a regular guy in New York chasing stuff dreams are made out of.

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  • Bak

    Haha! That’ll learn ya! Never judge a white girl by her looks! There’s this generation of white girls with a booty too and there’s gotta some out there named Becky that shop at Express, Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe. Watch out for them!

  •!/craigal Craig Allen

    I bet she does work at da EXPRESS and tries to battle every customer that walks up in that muthafucka…

  • BryteBlaqu

    I know that chick. She alright but she defiantly is gonna go for hers.

  •!/craigal Craig Allen

    Yea well dont tell her i said she works at da EXPRESS…She might tryna start sumn, and i dont wanna drop my ABC battle rap on her, it so unkind…. lol …#ImFakinMoves

  • BryteBlaqu

    Yo Craig I’m not tryna be a dick or nuthuin but…That “steal ya’ll men” comment was a little insensitive to sisters that love brothers, but can’t find a brother to love them. Don’t you think? Don’t get me wrong I’ve dated everybody at some point or another, but we don’t gotta rub it in their faces. I mean how would our moms take that?

  • Craig Allen

    This blog STILL cracks me up, i gotta find this girl :)

  • BryteBlaqu

    I got her math if you like or you can find her on FB. Kera B is her name.

  • Craig Allen

    Nah im good lol, but thnx. I jus would tell her she has talent thas all.

  • BryteBlaqu

    Copy that, “Nah”.