Sup Feedbak fam, been a minute!! Yo how yall been?? Good?? Great lol Im still lovin this weatha baby, its DEFINITELY nowhere near what the Eastcoast is experiencing right now thats for sure.

So im out at the Aquarium and my friend looks at me and she goes “OMG Craig , you HAVE to come see this” Im thinkn in my mind, this girl is crazy, she NEVER gets this animated so i knew it had to be something really good. She points at this guy and is like “This guy has on a Sweater Vest and that is just No good“. It took all of 5 seconds before i started busting out laughing.

NOW listen, im one of the most un-fashionable guys you will EVER MEET! and i like a good vest just as much as the next guy. But guys,stop coming to the club lookin like you just stepped out of Boyz 2 Men video shoot….Its ok to wear sweaters wit the sleeves, trust me :).

Peace, Love and No More Sweater Vest…