20/20 & Poise Present: Golden Era Tribute to Biggie Smalls

Remember the 90’s? Baggy jeans, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Michael Jordan’s 6 NBA titles, Yo MTV Raps, Pogs, The Lion King, Super NES, grunge music, high-top fades, The Spice Girls, MC Hammer, denim overalls, Pulp Fiction and the list goes on and on…

In hip hop and R&B, we had A Tribe Called Quest, Aaliyah, Wu-Tang Clan, TLC, Snoop Dogg, The Geto Boyz, Boyz II Men, The Fugees, Beastie Boys, Tony! Toni! Tone!, 2Pac, SWV and many many more…

To celebrate such a memorable decade, Austin’s own Poise & 20/20 are proud to present:

Golden Era Tribute to Biggie Smalls

On Thursday, March 10th at District 301 (6th/Lavaca Street)

Bring back all those cherished memories as we pay homage to one of the greatest. Here’s the deal:

As always The FeedBak will be there to capture all the action with pictures and interviews.

Be sure to submit your song requests at www.thefeedbak.com/rsvp and be there to jam to them like you used to!

Let’s see how much of a 90’s kid you are!

Come early and reminisce with us!

Doors open at 9pm

Special thanks to Rebecca Powe, Keep It Local, Sir Rod Ent, and G&G Graphic Designs

  • http://thedailyjen2010.blogspot.com jenbshoemaker

    This party is going to be awesome!!! ;))

  • BryteBlaqu

    This sounds like a pretty fun party but….not to be a dick but….90’s is not the golden age of HIP HOP. The term “golden era” refers to the initial stages of some thing. The movement started in like 74. Hip hop is a culture not a genre of music. Cat’s weren’t even hardly breaking no more by 90 and people had long stopped making a connection between graf and the music. Unrelated to all that I mark the end of the first wave with Rakim around 88-89 (the father of modern rhyme). After him there was no looking back. Assuming all of this is accurate I would consider 89-98 the silver age, which really ended with Big and Pac deaths and we’ve been living in state of confusion ever sense.

    I really h8 to be so preachy over a party, but I just wana stand for something. This culture has been dragged through the mud, miss named, mislabeled, and just plain misunderstood.

    All of this is left up for debate, so please continue the discussion if you feel so inclined.
    If I can’t make it out break a leg.

  • poise365@gmail.com

    Yo Bak dope write up fam….Looking forward to rocking the house.

    BB-Swing through if you can fam. Should be a good night to kick back and listen to the greats.


  • Renee30

    Eye Candy at it’s finest!

  • foreign_soul

    This was a pretty dope event. I totally enjoyed myself. :)