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Indigestion in the ATX

Indigestion in the ATX

For many of us who live in the ATX, we have lived by the unwritten rules of love everyone; have fun and Keep Austin Weird. We especially enjoy the benefits of our free thinking, free loving, free spirited and no cover bar entry seven days a week nightlife . Soon we will begin the spring and summer seasons of the massive influx of “out of towners” and “visitors” who are looking to enjoy a piece of the Austin fun and nightlife. Each of them is valuable contributors to our Austin nightlife and economy and we celebrate them for their patronage.

Like my later statement, these visitors and out of towners will come to enjoy the unwritten benefits we as Austinites also enjoy and quite frankly have come to depend on. We know that nothing is really FREE! For every bar or dance venue that offers a “No Cover” entry those revenues must be recovered in some other fashion. For the venues and bars I frequent with friends, most of those revenues are recovered through the generous tips and gratuity from those of us who receive their services of cold drinks, tasty meals and/or entertainment (like bands or DJs).

Many out of towners are not used to the unwritten benefits provided within the Austin nightlife. They are used to $5 – $25 cover charges, rude bartenders and strict dress codes, not to mention over priced drinks and tencious surroundings. Because of this Austin 360 degree change for the better some of them may bring their out of town practices of “Low or NO” tips when they receive the services or products of bartenders and wait staffs when they are visiting the ATX. This hurts and could cripple many venues especially those fully dependent on revenues from nightlife patrons.

I call on each of you to share this article’s advice with your friends and family when they visit you in the ATX, this season to remember our nightlife, its workers and businesses survive because of our patronage and generous tips. I am not advocating you tip 50% on a drink, although it would be appreciated if you did, but be certain to tip reasonably when you receive good service. I’m certain you will receive good service in most if not all nightlife venues so be sure to let your server know you appreciate their service and fun venue.

Those of us who live here would like to Keep Austin Weird but most importantly we would like to KEEP AUSTIN NIGHTLIFE HERE.

I am not affiliate with any bar, restaurant or night venue in the ATX. I am merely a patron who enjoys the comforts and benefits of a year-round fun nightlife and good people.

Los Ellis

Los Ellis is a motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur residing in Austin TX for eight years.

About Los Ellis

Los has over 6 years of professional experience motivating businesses, colleges, universities, student organizations, public and private interest groups as a keynote and seminar presenter. Los Ellis transcends the boundaries of creative thinking with diverse career experiences with an extensive professional career in Information Technology, Project Management, Government and Entrepreneurial Startups. Los provides a welcomed combination of personal, business and brand development which empowers his audiences to become self empowered, take charge and motivated to achieve their personal and professional stretch goals. Los is the one motivational keynote speaker you will want to hear over and over again.

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