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Watch Out World! Lauren Silva Is Coming!

So I’ve been telling my friend about this girl named Lauren Silva. She’s a local singer/songwriter. I’ve been telling him about her for a while now but I just had take him to her show at Cedar Street during SXSW so he could see/hear for himself. Within the first verse, he was like “WHOA!” And he wasn’t alone; everybody at the show was blown away by her performance. She sang Adele’s Fire To The Rain. He didn’t know that song before Lauren sang it before him. The next day he heard the original Adele song and texted me that he liked Lauren’s version way better.

Watch out world because Lauren Silva is definitely an emerging artist to keep an eye on.

If you don’t believe me, check out the music video to her single “Hurt”. Also make sure you to tune into the new series Brooklyn 11223 because her song will featured:

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