Its been a minuttttttte Feedbak. WELP!! I’m still in NYC i can’t believe its almost been a year since i last lived in Austin TExas. Do i miss it? HELL YEA!!! but to be perfectly honest i’ve never been so sober in my LIFE!! My liver is like jumping for joy as we speak lol. Most would be surprised how good the food is out here, italian food is everywhere yo!
The one thing i find most interesting about NYC is how many good looking girls go out with not so good looking guys, it’s like a bunch of Stacey Dash’s dating cats that look like 2 Chainz lol. Actually the better looking you are as a guy you really do not stand a chance in hell. The upside to all this dating madness is that everyone dates everyone, like FORREAL!! Does not matter your race, so you just don’t see mexican girls wit mexican guys, oh nahhhh shanty, they gettn it in up here!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!! lol
Nightlife is great when you can afford to do everything, shit really does not close here tho, youll see muthafuckas walkn round till wee hours of the morning. You see all kinds of crazy shit man lol, this tourist was walking around wit her cell phone in her hand and this lil kid jus ran by and snatched it and ran. Part of me thought it was fucked up, but i hate tourist so much i couldnt help but laugh as she tried to chase him. That lil muthafucka was cheetah fast. Back to the topic at hand though, there are a couple of 24 hour spots you can go to, they only take cash to get in which is like 15$ and they hella charge you for drinks when you get in and ONLY CASH> its wild because most places are only cash in NYC which is crazy to me.

Anyway yo, ill keep y’all updated, i wont take such a long absence anymore. I hope everything is everything on your side of the world.

Peace and Love #TwoUP!!!!