Kate Priestley and Nick Wong of KP and The Boom Boom stop by the studio to promote their new album, The Brave, and to share their story :

  • The musical paths they each took growing up
  • How the band came together and the meaning behind their name
  • Their creative process and the source of their inspiration
  • Being a part of the Austin music community and collaborating with local artists
  • The concept behind The Brave album
  • The evolution in the band’s music can be heard in the new album
Kate Priesley
Kate PriesleyVocals
Hailing Yorkshire, England, Kate traveled the world while performing before moving to Austin and starting neo-soul band KP and the Boom Boom
“My aim and mission, as far as music goes, is to really give back in a positive, kinda healing way” – Kate Priestley
Nick Wong
Nick WongBass
Nick graduated from UT and was one of the founding members of KP and the Boom Boom.
“I don’t think we had a collective group idea about what we wanted the band to be. That took a lot of exploring and a lot of working together to figure that one out.” – Nick Wong


Available at Waterloo Records and on iTunes, Spotify and other digital platforms