Skiing, camping, and world travel are activities not often associated with the African American community. Kevin Knight, founder of Urban Events Global, aims to change this mindset by providing an avenue through the barriers of entry many people of color face. We catch up with Kevin to talk about:

  • Where did his wanderlust come from?
  • Leaving corporate America to focus on his own business
  • The concept behind Urban Events Global
  • Promoting outdoor activities within the African-American community
  • The benefits of travel and immersing yourself in different cultures
  • Giving back to local communities
  • Stories from abroad
Kevin Knight
Kevin KnightFounder and CEO of Urban Events Global

“If you’re African American versus just African, you’re kind of the ambassador for all African Americans in the world [while traveling], because the only thing they [locals] know are the one or two channels and TV shows they get in that country.”

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