In this episode, The FeedBak crew dives into the world of Metal music! Helping us navigate the scene is Kash Sarkaria (Fear Control, Slaterica) and Tyler Stevenson (Texas Loves Metal). We crack open a few beers, turn on the mics, and have a conversation:

  • First experiences with Metal
  • The need for authenticity in Metal music
  • Developing a screaming voice
  • Metal festivals you should check out and proper mosh pit etiquette
  • Misconceptions of Metal: there’s no correlation between the genre and mental issues
  • Hip Hop vs Metal
  • The challenges touring bands face in a time where there are so many bands
  • Performing original music vs performing covers
  • Bonus: Weather Metal
Kash Sarkaria
Kash SarkariaVocals/Guitar for Fear Control and Slaterica

“Metal is expressing yourself in an aggressive way, an angry way, but it’s all coming from something honest and deep within” – Kash

Tyler Stevenson
Tyler StevensonFounder of Texas Loves Metal

“You’ve just got these bands that work so, so hard. And now [in this era], sometimes that work pays off and sometimes it doesn’t, just because there are so many damn options out there.”  – Tyler

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Full Texas Tea track played during the show: