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What’s The FeedBak?

The FeedBak is an open-blog about YOUR nightlife experience. The site is a place for you to share your stories, anecdotes, rants and observations about your local club and bar scene and engage into a discussion regarding nightlife-related topics and issues. We gather stories from people who enjoy going out and have a great time, from bartenders and DJs to promoters and regular party goers. You went to a house party, a concert, a happy hour spot, a bar, or a club? Give us your feedbak.

Who’s The FeedBak?

The FeedBak is essentially me, you, and anybody out there who enjoys going out and wants to discuss nightlife-related topics. Just sign up or log in to join the conversation. You probably have some good stuff you’d like share so, as a member, you get to submit your own stories. Don’t forget to check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Why The FeedBak?

Let’s face it. Everyday, you learn about what is going on in your city. What place. What time. What music. How much. What special. The FeedBak is here to allow you to talk about what actually happens around those events (hence the tagline). You may engage into general topics such as bar etiquette, rants about how you can’t stand douchebags, review of a happy hour spot you went to last weekend, or just give out tips and advices on where to eat late night.

We’ve all embarked on the crazy adventure that is the nightlife at some point. The bars. The clubs. The crowd. The music. The drinks. We all have our stories. All kinds of stories. Funny, ridiculous, even sometimes painful. The FeedBak was created for you to tell your story. The one about your crazy birthday celebration you barely remember. The one about the fight you got into right outside the club. The one about that night you found out you enjoyed dancing on the bar. Your rant about people who act crazy when they get drunk. Basically those are the same stories you tell your friends about the next day. Why not share them with the world?

Ok. Now What?

Just sign up or log in to join the conversation. You may participate by posting comments, answer polls, rating posts, and sharing them with your friends. Once you become a member, you may submit your own stories. Make sure you fill out your profile information (links to social networks, blogs, websites) so they show everytime you contribute to The FeedBak. Click here to find out more.

Thanks for checking out The FeedBak and spread the word!
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