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The Mind That Won’t Rest


My mind keeps racing and won’t stop. The thoughts keep coming back and won’t leave. I fight for freedom from my own mind to escape the memories that won’t fade. Just when I feel everything is cool my drama starts to resurface, and with all that drama recycling itself, it’s hard not to let it blind you. I woke up, ...

Animosity or Sympathy? Your Choice


This is an amazing and beautiful world we live in, better yet an even more spectacular town we have chosen to live our days in. To share and explore every crevice of our emotional roller coasters with the people of this town is a glory to behold. But there are the times when those emotions are hostile and bitter and ...

Is Chivalry Being Killed?


I’d have to say I go out pretty often, experiencing the night life that Austin has to offer and the many wondrous sites and adventures you can experience in one night are kind of hard to place into a nut shell. There are a vast amount of gorgeous people out there especially amongst the dance community. Knowing how to dance ...

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