SXSW Tips & Tricks?


As you all know, SXSW fever is officially here. Although I have been living in Austin for 13+ years now, 2012 is going to be my first year of actually experiencing the phenomenon that is SXSW… And I am committed!! I have not purchased a wristband, but I have a plan. I am taking days…

B****, Where’s My Money?


I recently came back from a trip to Miami Beach that was embarrassingly expensive and ridiculous on so many levels– but that story or at least part of it deserves a post of its own… and it will happen in due time. Anyways, back to the real topic of this post … Between my regular…

Austin, Live Music Capital of the World


Huh? Whaaat? Mmmm… I don’t know about that title. I read somewhere on Facebook recently that ACL was coming up and that got me thinking… ACL, SXSW, Old Pecan Street Festival, Austin Celtic Festival, Bat Fest etc etc… Feels like Austin is always gearing up for some kind of creative-hippie-folklore-keepin’ it weird kind of event….

Buy You A Drink


As a matter of personal preference, I have a rule to not accept drinks from dudes in the club. Why, you might ask??? Simply because as a single woman, I highly value my FREEDOM. If I am in the club, I am trying to have a good time. The last thing I want is to…