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The Story of a Girl and a Dude

This is a story about a girl and a dude. I actually met the girl through other friends that night. Then the dude showed up and one of the most fascinating plot unfolded before my eyes. I was actually taking notes while I was watching it. It was like being at the theater and they were performing just for me. So without further ado, I give you The Girl and The Dude. […]

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Hip Hop Open Mic Night

We all know what an open mic is. Basically, there's a mic on stage and anybody- and i mean anybody- can go up and talk into that mic. As a bonus, it may come with audience. Well, I've seen (and performed) at a comedy open mics but this was my [...]

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AUSTIN CITY LIMITS. 2 weekends of great music, interesting people, and best of all...drunk bitches in bathrooms (or port-a-pottys) with markers! Hope yall had a great ACL!!!   Side note: last picture is courtesy of a friend, I did not take that photo, but thought it was funny

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Saturday, October the 4th, was my BIRTHDAY!!!!! LIBRAS! Damn sure do not feel like working this week...or ever. I do not remember finding these this weekend, but apparently I did! ENJOY!!!

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 Sex and Drugs: Here are a few quotes from inebriated individuals that should bring a little sunshine to your life... Have a great week!

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Concert Douchebaggery

Hi there. I'm that quiet person you didn't notice, or the person singing along with the song, or maybe I'm dancing to the music. All these things are appropriate at a concert. If you are doing anything else... you're doing it wrong.  If you have a friend that wants to [...]

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 I don't know about you all, but it is hard to find motivation to go back to the work week after a weekend of enjoying all that Austin has to offer. I usually find inspiration in famous quotes I find online, but recently realized some of the best quotes I [...]

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Wisdom of a Drunk Man

I was just sitting down at a table at Bungalow and this dude comes to sit next to me. I had no idea who he was or what he wanted. All I knew is that he was way past drunk. Have you ever been near someone so drunk, you can [...]

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When Dancing Intense Goes Wrong

Sup wit it? Everything good ?   Anyway, dat ain't what I'm here to speak about. So I'm out last night at this one spot wit my boy. He is a cool cat don't get me wrong, but his dance moves went from 0 to 60 in New York Minute [...]

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Welcome to the New FeedBak

Welcome to the NEW FeedBak! The FeedBak is BAK to feed you some juicy stories, funny anecdotes, rants and share tips and advice about the nightlife experience! We’ve redesigned the website with the following features: […]

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