I have been a fan of hip-hop since the early 90’s (if you’re wondering I just turned 30 so more or less since I was making my own decisions about music to listen to). Since moving to Austin I have been blessed to see Common, Nas, GZA, Raekwon, Wu-Tang (minus RZA & ODB), and a bunch of random hip-hop around SXSW. Which got me wondering as a Hip-Hop community in Austin, are we blessed or cursed?

The shows seem to only come around every few months (cursed?) and the big ones are usually during the week between weekend stops in H-Town and Dallas (cursed?). However we do have SXSW (which the hip-hop is growing and improving there (blessed) as well as seeming to be in the loop of Wu shows with GZA, Meth, & Rae making frequent stops (blessed?)

So with that said what do you all think? I know when I am at a show and see my boy Bak and the Feedbak crew I picked a good one. Anyway so this post is for my boy Bak and all the other Hip-Hop heads in ATX.

Bring AZ to Austin for a show then we would be truly blessed,

Praise to the most high, peace

– Kyle