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East Side vs West Side


Looking at Austin’s night scene, it seems to work like a spectrum that stretches from as far as Frontier Bar on the East side to Molotov on West 6th Street. Then you have everything between: Rainey Street, Red River District, Dirty 6th, Warehouse District and 2nd Street area. In this post, I’d like to compare the 2 extremes, namely what ...

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Grown Men Should Act/Dress Their Age

If you know me or have read some of my previous stories, one of my hobbies when I go out is to people-watch. I’m sure everybody does it too some extent but most people are oblivious to it. And that’s OK: they’re out to have fun so why waste time watching other people do the same? On top of that, ...

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Heels: How High Is Too High?


Every night I go out I’ve see multiple women stumble, sprain their ankles or even fall wearing today’s latest high heel fashion. I’m not talking the 1-3 inch range of heels; I’m talking about the 4-6 inch heel or even 7-9 inches off the ground heel due to the platform trend. Seriously, what is up with women trying to imitate ...

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The Sundresses Must Go


The weather is changing around these parts, and with that said different considerations need to be taken into account when choosing attire for going out. In Austin this change is usually not as welcome as it is in other places, and I’ve attempted to transcribe the feeling in lyric form with this original poem… As summer sun begins to fade ...

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I Don’t Care How Bad It Hurts


I am so tired of seeing women not wearing shoes downtown at the end of the night. They walk barefoot on the nasty ass streets of Austin, where people piss, spit, puke, and even shit. 1 word: HEPATITIS! And now my 8 words of advise: PUT YO SHOES BACK ON YO FEET BITCH! I don’t care how bad it hurts, ...

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Is That a Nipple? That’s a Shadow of a Nipple


As we walked into the party at Phoenix last Thursday someone forgot to send us the memo that body painting was on the agenda. Several shirtless and scantily clad “models” were on hand to showcase the work, if you will, of the artist that night. Actually, it was no different than most nights out on the scene of Austin fashion ...

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Sweater Vest+The Club=No Bueno


Ayyyeeee! Sup Feedbak fam, been a minute!! Yo how yall been?? Good?? Great lol Im still lovin this weatha baby, its DEFINITELY nowhere near what the Eastcoast is experiencing right now thats for sure. So im out at the Aquarium and my friend looks at me and she goes “OMG Craig , you HAVE to come see this” Im thinkn ...

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How Good Are The DuO Austin Models??


im STILL talkn to h

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The Amazing and Astonishing Showcase!!!! Fashion Ish ;)


Yo yo yoooo, Craig Allen checkn in and im really excited about what im about to tell yall. NOWWW, i was at an event that MOST of yall did not come to which is lame. Why do people click “Yes im attending” if your ass isn’t even attending to begin wit?! Don’t make no sense… WELL! I attended and i ...

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Girls Who Dress Like Skanks


I will say I love a slutty dressed girl. But please and I say please with passion. Do not get upset when a guy tries to hook up with you or bang you the first night. You got the goods and you’re showing them off for some obvious much needed attention. I will also add that women you know damn ...

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Polo Shirts


We went out on a Thursday nite few month ago, stop’d by few bars having a good time with a true ninja friend as Coumba calls them (lmao).. sumtimes you just want to check out a bar you pass by all the time but never been in! So here we are, few folks in front of us, some of them ...

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Shoe Wars


Blue Supra Vaiders: were thrown up on while walking through a bar crowd. Didn’t know why the floor was mushy too.. But now i do Black/grey Vans Eras: covered with Modelo Negro, courtesy of the infamous wacking Sean! (dance on playa!) Grey Supra TK: covered with the stench of horse cop manure. took me like a day to take off ...

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