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FDBK Ep. 062 – Cinco De Mayo Live at Holy Mountain

IMG_6319 Podcast: Play in new window | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS We celebrate Cinco De Mayo at Holy Mountain with B-Boy Queso, Isis, and Kenny Duet: We talk about the meaning/history of Cinco De Mayo, We play a game of trivia, How to properly take a shot (of tequila), We share tequila stories, A boyfriend and girlfriend play Truth or ...

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An Unlucky Patron at The Park

bad waitress2

It’s Monday evening on the north side of Austin TX. I’m sitting at a table on the westside facing patio of The Park, in a fairly nice area of the Domain. As I look around I can see decorated buildings of upscale shopping and eateries along the walkways to bring patrons of all walks of life into the area to ...

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Choosy Drinkers!


After being asked to post here on by Bak over the past few months (on numerous occasions)…he came up with an idea for me to post. And I promised on my life that I would. So here it is…. Do you have a drink of choice? Does your drink of choice have to be made a specific way? Does ...

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After Hours Food


So I’ve been in Austin for a few years now, and one thing is true for almost anyone who goes out on the weekend…FOOD tastes best after 2AM. I’m trying to figure out everyone’s favorite LATE NIGHT FOOD spots. To me there are a few different categories: FAVORITE STREET PIZZA: FAVORITE STREET NON PIZZA: FAVORITE LATE NIGHT FAST FOOD: FAVORITE ...

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Oldie But a Drunkie


My bestie of 12 years came to visit this weekend and we didn’t go out Friday however we made up for it on Saturday!!!! Oh my lanta!!!! You know those nights when you head out late and you get downtown…..everyone’s drunk and stumbling around and the only way you are going to tolerate it is if you down several to ...

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Drinks, Drinks, Drinks


I went to the NBA All Star Party at Canvas and was having a pretty good time until I stood at the bar to order drinks. 30 minutes later I turned to my girlfriend who was a bartender for over 10 years and asked can you tell me what the problem is. She observed for about 5 minutes turned around ...

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Wish I Would Have Written This


A real woman is a man’s best friend. She will never stand him up and never let him down. She will reassure him when he feels insecure and comfort him after a bad day. She will inspire him to do things he never thought he could do; to live without fear and forget regret. She will enable him to express ...

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An Obi Sandwich!


FYI – I’m writing this post/recipe at 3am after a night on the town…so you know its Good! Ingredients You’ll Need Wheat Bread Mayo Oscar Mayer Smoked Sliced Turkey Nacho Cheese Doritos And a Plate Step 1: You’ll need 2 slices of your Wheat Bread, lay those suckas flat on the plate Step 2: Spread a generous amount of mayo ...

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Sushi, Vodka and Boobies


Sup Wit it!?! Craig Allen checkn in to, sup feedbak fam!!! I been reading some good stuff that readers have submitted,continue to let ya friends know how we do in the streets of So i touched down at District 301 Bar on West 6th street last night for their very first Sushi and Enchanted Vodka event that was ...

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Kung Pao Chicken Lollipops at Imperia


Chicken Lollipops, even now, the name makes me shudder with delight, it allows me to reminisce, to think back to a better time, when my only worry in the world was finding the waiter for a second order. Alas, at this moment I am less than myself, writing about them instead of experiencing the delectable flavor of that which is ...

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Good Eateries Downtown


What’s better than to end a night with a full stomach! I was out last night, and it was about 2 am and it was FREEEEEZING cold. I was walking to my car and smelt the aroma of korean food, and there it was. Korean Tacos spelt out. arguing with myself to weather to freeze to death on a full ...

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Buy You A Drink


As a matter of personal preference, I have a rule to not accept drinks from dudes in the club. Why, you might ask??? Simply because as a single woman, I highly value my FREEDOM. If I am in the club, I am trying to have a good time. The last thing I want is to feel like I have to ...

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