FDBK Ep. 038 – Misa and Queso Are Dance Freaks. So Are You.


B-Boy Queso and B-Girl Misa (Militia) share their passion for dancing. I got to share my stories too. We talk about: How dancing saved their lives. Stories from past performances The local bar scene and its effect on dance lovers What may stop people from dancing and enjoying themselves Proper dance etiquette at the club…

FDBK Ep. 035 – The World Of Salsa Dancing With Santoyo and Tia


Jose Santoyo and Tia Bordenave have been major players in the salsa world for years, from California to Texas. We talk about: How they got into salsa and what inspired them The competitions, the performances, the culture, the fashion Teaching salsa and its many styles The On1 vs On2 controversy The salsa scene in Austin:…

FDBK Ep. 024 – Sexy Time with The Southern Sirens


Christian Casas (choreographer/director) and Natalie Cruz (performer/costume designer) are part of Austin’s hottest burlesque group, The Southern Sirens. You can also catch them dancing and go-go dancing all over town. As they prepare for their last public show, we talk about: Their career as dancers The sexy art of Burlesque Their experience as Southern Sirens…

Dancing In The Streets

Radio Head

The title isn’t completely accurate b/c dancing occurred in more places than just the street. Specifically; a couple parking garages, the sidewalk, the capitol lawn and steps, at City Hall, and under the Star @ the Bob Bullock Museum… “You had to be there” has never been a more fitting statement. Better late than never….

The Mind That Won’t Rest


My mind keeps racing and won’t stop. The thoughts keep coming back and won’t leave. I fight for freedom from my own mind to escape the memories that won’t fade. Just when I feel everything is cool my drama starts to resurface, and with all that drama recycling itself, it’s hard not to let it…