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FDBK Ep. 038 – Misa and Queso Are Dance Freaks. So Are You.

queso-and-misa Podcast: Play in new window | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS B-Boy Queso and B-Girl Misa (Militia) share their passion for dancing. I got to share my stories too. We talk about: How dancing saved their lives. Stories from past performances The local bar scene and its effect on dance lovers What may stop people from dancing and ...

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FDBK Ep. 035 – The World Of Salsa Dancing With Santoyo and Tia

jose-tia2 Podcast: Play in new window | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Jose Santoyo and Tia Bordenave have been major players in the salsa world for years, from California to Texas. We talk about: How they got into salsa and what inspired them The competitions, the performances, the culture, the fashion Teaching salsa and its many styles The On1 ...

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FDBK Ep. 024 – Sexy Time with The Southern Sirens

the-southern-sirens Podcast: Play in new window | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Christian Casas (choreographer/director) and Natalie Cruz (performer/costume designer) are part of Austin’s hottest burlesque group, The Southern Sirens. You can also catch them dancing and go-go dancing all over town. As they prepare for their last public show, we talk about: Their career as dancers The sexy ...

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When Dancing Intense Goes Wrong


Sup wit it? Everything good ?   Anyway, dat ain’t what I’m here to speak about. So I’m out last night at this one spot wit my boy. He is a cool cat don’t get me wrong, but his dance moves went from 0 to 60 in New York Minute LITERALLY. I’m chillin’ with a lil’ whiskey and beer, i ...

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Dancing In The Streets

Radio Head

The title isn’t completely accurate b/c dancing occurred in more places than just the street. Specifically; a couple parking garages, the sidewalk, the capitol lawn and steps, at City Hall, and under the Star @ the Bob Bullock Museum… “You had to be there” has never been a more fitting statement. Better late than never. I join the dancing mob ...

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The Mind That Won’t Rest


My mind keeps racing and won’t stop. The thoughts keep coming back and won’t leave. I fight for freedom from my own mind to escape the memories that won’t fade. Just when I feel everything is cool my drama starts to resurface, and with all that drama recycling itself, it’s hard not to let it blind you. I woke up, ...

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Step Back You’re Dancing Kinda Close


I stand here up on my soap box because I don’t have a stage with a pole. However, if I did, I wouldn’t have to tell a fool to “back the fuck up and get off my ass, can’t you see I am dancing?” What is up with you guys just thinking you can just walk up to any lady ...

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Can you please NOT touch me?


No, this doesn’t refer to that creepy guy who feels comfortable grabbing or touching you in the club….it’s to ANYONE who can’t seem to be able to keep within their own space on the dance floor. I was actually kicked out of a club in Vegas a few months ago (which is funny b/c I was actually the guest of ...

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You’re Such a Good Dancer, [Fill In The Blank]


Ok. This is from personal experience and I’m sure all you dancing freaks out there will be able to relate. If you know me, you know that I am a dancing fool. I don’t show off or anything (check out this post about dance show offs). I’m just enjoying myself. If the music is good, I’ll move to it. That’s ...

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Show off, a little?


So I was just chillin’ with a couple of my friends at Beso. Actually, we weren’t just chillin’. We were jammin’ because the music is pretty good and we all always feel like dancin’ when we hear old school songs. There were a few people who felt the same way next to us throwing their hands in the air and ...

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Having Fun VS Looking Pretty


So, I know Bak wrote a post along this same lines but I just have to expand on the topic. This weekend I hopped around a few parties in downtown Austin, all of them well planned and well attended. I couldn’t help but notice that the crowd fell into one of two categories. “The Check Me Out Crowd” There are ...

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The Bernie Dance

bernie weekend

So I havent said anythin on “The FeedBak” in awhile so here goes. I’m sure alot of yall know of this new called The Bernie…I really could go on and on and on and on and on……..and on, about this dance but I’ma try and keep this as short as possible. I’ve seen walk it out, i’ve seen Ricky Bobby, ...

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