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FDBK Ep. 039 – Do ACL Right with Micco and Lane


Micco and Lane are ACL veterans. They just enjoyed the 1st weekend of the festival this year and had a lot to say about it: How to prepare for the festival What to expect How to get around The shows The fashion, the food, people watching Issues with technology and going with friends The memorable moments Quote of the show: ...

FDBK Ep. 014 – Obi and Meetal Survived SXSW


SXSW vets Obi Ariguzo and Meetal Patel talk all things SXSW 2014: Their past SXSW experiences and how they got into it How they prepared and what they expected from this edition of SXSW Official vs unofficial shows and the impact of corporations How they got around the festival SXSW from the perspective of the artists The tragedy of March 13th Memorable ...

FDBK Ep. 012 – ulovei and ulovesxsw


Miguel Angel a.k.a. photographer/DJ ulovei talks about: His background as a photographer and his business model His experience as a DJ including song requests Tips, advice and recommendations for SXSW (Check for SXSW info. Register for $30-$40 and they’ll RSVP you to everything) Find out about all the cool (unofficial) parties happening during SXSW (with RSVP links) from insiders. ...

Watch Out World! Lauren Silva Is Coming!

Lauren Silva

So I’ve been telling my friend about this girl named Lauren Silva. She’s a local singer/songwriter. I’ve been telling him about her for a while now but I just had take him to her show at Cedar Street during SXSW so he could see/hear for himself. Within the first verse, he was like “WHOA!” And he wasn’t alone; everybody at ...

Greatest Night of My Life!


I went to see Raekwon and Mobb Deep perform at Kung Fu Saloon. These where two artists I grew up listening to and to say I was excited would be a massive understatement. I got there 5 hours early to make sure I could get in. By the time the concert started the only thing in front of me was ...

508 House Virgin Mobile/C3 Private Party


I had the pleasure of working the 508 Virgin Mobile/C3 private event this year at SXSW. I’ve worked a lot of shows and I have to say this was the classiest act I’ve worked. The people I worked with and got to know were super nice, courteous and helpful and respectful. The patrons were great, the music was awesome. I ...

My 10 SXSW Essentials


SXSW is in full swing and I am in musical heaven! If you are like me, you are taking off work and spending the entire week practically living on the streets of downtown hopping from show to show with very little sleep because there is simply too much good music that you don’t want to miss. With that in mind, ...

SXSW Tips & Tricks?


As you all know, SXSW fever is officially here. Although I have been living in Austin for 13+ years now, 2012 is going to be my first year of actually experiencing the phenomenon that is SXSW… And I am committed!! I have not purchased a wristband, but I have a plan. I am taking days off from work, have carefully ...

SXSW Here I Come!


Anticipation surrounds me. Excitement fills the air. Sweat beads up and rolls off my body like the early morning dew on a cold winter morning. Heart beats quicken, our bodies heaving rhythmically in tune as we wait, panting and breathless, for the final climax. It’s coming… are you ready? By now you probably know EXACTLY  what I’m talking about… If ...

How Do You Top ACL Day 1?


ACL Day 1 should have been Day 3 to close the festival, so many good artists, all performing on the same day! Big Boi, Foster the People, Nas & Damian Marley, Santigold, Pretty Lights, and Coldplay! Kanye West took to the stage on Day 1 to close out the night during ACL! Fans had a hard decision to make on ...

FLASHBACK: Two views from the concert of the year!

I know ya’ll remember the surprise concert that Kanye West and the GOOD MUSIC family put on at SXSW at 2am in Austin, TX! Well at least the people that were lucky enough to be there remember =) Vevo recently released the video shot from the concert online. Check out Vevo’s video and the video I shot on my iPhone4. ...

Lessons From SXSW Pt. 3


So here it is. This is the last installment of the Lessons From SXSW series. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t yet. Artists love to see you wear their merchandise. I’ve gotten to meet a lot of artists such as Pharoah Monch, DJ Premier, The Artifacts, Questlove, J-Live and many more. I was actually wearing my ...

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