FDBK Ep. 064 – Bar Etiquette Pt. 3 with Cody and Ashley


Bartenders Cody Budua from StarBar on West 6th and Ashley Haas from Bungalow on Rainey Street talk about: How and why they started bartending, The bartender’s life, Their pet-peeves as bartenders along with stories, Bartending techniques, Tips on how to get a hook at the bar, Male bartender vs female bartender Quotes from the show: “You need…

FDBK Ep. 063 – Dating, Nightlife, and Knocking Lungs Loose with Sheena, J and Marcy


The conversation about nightlife and dating in Austin continues. Make sure you go back and listen to Part 1: Dating, Nightlife and Nutty Buddies. With Sheena, J and Marcy on the panel, we discuss the following: What would be a definition of date we can all agree on, Why is it so hard to date in…

FDBK Ep. 062 – Cinco De Mayo Live at Holy Mountain


We celebrate Cinco De Mayo at Holy Mountain with B-Boy Queso, Isis, and Kenny Duet: We talk about the meaning/history of Cinco De Mayo, We play a game of trivia, How to properly take a shot (of tequila), We share tequila stories, A boyfriend and girlfriend play Truth or Drink, We do a Grito contest, How not…

FDBK Ep. 061 – Dating, Nightlife, and Nutty Buddies with Sheena, Tanya, and Big Will


Austin ranks in the Top 5 best cities for singles according to WalletHub. However, the dating scene is quite complex. With Sheena, Tanya and Big Will, we talk about: What constitutes a date: the language, dating vs hanging out, The economics of a date and gender roles: who pays? The planning of a date, The impact…

FDBK Ep. 053 – What’s Your Go Out Routine? with JJ and Eva


Going downtown is part of living in Austin. Over time, we all grow into a pattern, a routine: where you start the night, the multiple stops you make throughout the night. JJ and Eva break down this process and come up with rules/guidelines about: Pre-gaming/getting ready, Where to park, Good places to start the night off,…

FDBK Ep. 052 – Of Douchebags And Douchebaggettes With Angela and Ekwhoa


Love them, hate them or be entertained by them, douchebags are everywhere. Whether male or female (douchebaggettes), it’s all about the attitude. We explore this phenomenon with Angela Reyes (Pic Pic PhotoBooth) and Ekwhoa as we take calls from listeners: Where does the word come from? What is the agreed-upon definition? What are the common…

FDBK Ep. 050 – Smart Crimes with Pest and Angela


It’s the return of the Pest and our favorite host Angela. So many many truths were revealed but most importantly we had a lot to say about the local nightlife:

Our introduction to the night scene and how it’s changed over the years
A look back at some of the old spots
What our going out routine was vs what it is today
The new generation of party goers and social media
How the nightlife scene impacts the dating scene
People call in and share their dating stories
Quotes of the show:

“Fuck bitches, get money” – Pest

“I didn’t care when I went out and I did whatever I wanted to […] Now I don’t want pictures of me face down wasted at some bar. But even if it did happen, fuck it.” – Angela

FDBK Ep. 046 – The FeedBak Team Takes a Look Bak


For the past 4 years, The FeedBak has been throwing and covering events and festival. This was only made possible with the help of Angela, Obi and Ekow. On this episode, the team gets together and takes a look bak at 4 years of FeedBak (with a lot of sh*t talking along the way): We…