FDBK Ep. 104 – Weirdg0ne Pro Fest In Honor of Nathan Lloyd Benefiting the SIMS Foundation

We pay homage to Nathan Lloyd aka weirdg0nepro who left us in April. He was a full of life, creativity, [...]

FDBK Ep. 097 – Sheena Simmons 2.0 Is Here And Focused

We recap the last X-Games in Austin and a World Music Party at a house in North Austin. FeedBak Podcast [...]

Testing a post

Let's try this out!  

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The Story of a Girl and a Dude

This is a story about a girl and a dude. I actually met the girl through other friends that night. Then the dude showed up and one of the most fascinating plot unfolded before my eyes. I was actually taking notes while I was watching it. It was like being at the theater and they were performing just for me. So without further ado, I give you The Girl and The Dude. […]

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AUSTIN CITY LIMITS. 2 weekends of great music, interesting people, and best of all...drunk bitches in bathrooms (or port-a-pottys) with [...]

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Saturday, October the 4th, was my BIRTHDAY!!!!! LIBRAS! Damn sure do not feel like working this week...or ever. I do [...]

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 Sex and Drugs: Here are a few quotes from inebriated individuals that should bring a little sunshine to your life... [...]

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 I don't know about you all, but it is hard to find motivation to go back to the work week [...]

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