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Live From N.Y.C!!!!

new york pics at night view

Ayoooooooooo!!!!!   Its been a minuttttttte Feedbak. WELP!! I’m still in NYC i can’t believe its almost been a year since i last lived in Austin TExas. Do i miss it? HELL YEA!!! but to be perfectly honest i’ve never been so sober in my LIFE!! My liver is like jumping for joy as we speak lol. Most would be ...

Weezy Baby!

bourbon street

A couple weeks ago, some friends and I took a trip to the world-famous New Orleans, Nawlins, Big Easy or whatever other name this city has. I personally have many friends from there and I always heard interesting stories about it. Everybody who’s been there comes back with great memories, stories of drunkenness, and debauchery. You look on your Facebook ...

My 10 SXSW Essentials


SXSW is in full swing and I am in musical heaven! If you are like me, you are taking off work and spending the entire week practically living on the streets of downtown hopping from show to show with very little sleep because there is simply too much good music that you don’t want to miss. With that in mind, ...

Ladies, Please Be Careful


I usually write about funny and interesting observations I make but I think it’s time for a more serious topic; especially after reading about what happened on New Year’s Eve. It’s about safety, ladies. Yes, ladies, I’m talking to you. If you haven’t read about this tragic story yet. Here’s a gist of it. A 29-year-old teaching assistant and camp ...

Lost & Found: Things SIN People Find at The Bar


Anyone who has ever worked in a bar or nightclub most definitely has a pocket full of stories about crazy things they have witnessed or odd items found in their venue. A recent post from a friend who owns a bar on “Dirty Six” reminded me of this opened and empty box of condoms I found on the floor at ...

It’s 2am In Austin, Welcome To The Show


It’s 2am in Austin on a Friday night. Lights are on and all you hear is “We’re closed!” or “If you don’t work here, make your way towards the door” which basically means “get the hell out of here, I’ve been at your service all night. Now I need to clean this place up so I can finally go home“. ...

New York, New York


Saaaaap! I keep thinking my move to New York in late December will be the easiest thing I have ever done. Welp! Turns out it prolly will be the hardest thing I have ever done, and for obvious reasons lol. The nightlife will be cool out in Brooklyn where I am moving, it’s kinda like Austin actually out in Washington ...

Home Sick


Just one thing. I miss home sweet home. Austin TX is not here in DC.  There are plenty of parties goin’ on but the atmosphere is just not the same. Something is missing. It’s like when you cook, you need to have the right ingredients. Put it that way….U know what I mean… Peace no hard feelings… SHEUN

My Open Mic at Cap City Comedy Club

So this past Sunday I decided to try out Stand up Comedy for the very first time. Every Sunday, Capital City Comedy Club has an open mic where comics and customers congregate, sip cocktails, and crack jokes. Wow, that is a LOT of C’s….Anyways, here’s my video. Check it out and make sure to come as this event is always ...

What sucks about your city’s nightlife and needs to change?

I find it ridiculous that the clubs still close at 2am in Austin!!! Not sure if it’s regulated by law or whatever, but it sucks that the party shuts down right when I am starting to get CRUNK!! lol.

Moving to Austin because…

This is the place to be if you want to show your talent. No matter what you do someone here will accept your swag! This city was voted according to GQ #18 city for worst dressed, but they are from New York and don’t understand WHY AUSTIN IS WEIRD. This is a diverse city and #1 in population growth! Beat ...

Wash Yo Hands!


Waddup, Look there are plenty of things I wish I could turn back the hands of time on to become a betta person in life. But at least i know how to stick wit da basics and WASH MY HANDS when I’m done in the bathroom. I was out this past weekend at this one spot and its bad enough ...

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