Live From N.Y.C!!!!

Ayoooooooooo!!!!!   Its been a minuttttttte Feedbak. WELP!! I’m still in NYC i can’t believe its almost been a year since i last lived in Austin TExas. Do i miss it? HELL YEA!!! but to be perfectly honest i’ve never been so sober in my LIFE!! My liver is like jumping for joy as we speak lol. Most would be surprised how good the food is out here, italian food is everywhere yo!   The one thing i find most interesting about NYC is how many good looking girls go out with not so good looking guys, it’s like a bunch of Stacey Dash’s dating cats that look like 2 Chainz lol. Actually the better looking you are as a guy you really do not stand a chance in hell. The upside to all this dating madness is that everyone dates everyone, like FORREAL!! Does not matter your race, so you just don’t see mexican girls wit mexican guys, oh nahhhh shanty, they gettn it in up here!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!! lol […]

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Weezy Baby!

A couple weeks ago, some friends and I took a trip to the world-famous New Orleans, Nawlins, Big Easy or whatever other name this city has. I personally have many friends from there and I always heard interesting stories about it. Everybody who’s been there comes back with great memories, stories of drunkenness, and debauchery. You look on your Facebook Newsfeed and you see updates of people feel like they have let the world know that they’re going or about to go to NOLA. Then they come back and talk about beads, Bourbon Street, Hurricanes, Jambalaya (and sometimes Jazz). So we thought why not go see what the hype is all about? Two of my friends talked like they were NOLA veterans and even came up with some sort of catchphrase that was to be interjected in every other sentence or sometimes for no apparent reason but the fact that we were on road to Nawlins: Weezy Baby! I still don’t understand how they came up with that but whatever… […]

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My 10 SXSW Essentials

SXSW is in full swing and I am in musical heaven! If you are like me, you are taking off [...]

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Ladies, Please Be Careful

I usually write about funny and interesting observations I make but I think it's time for a more serious topic; [...]

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Lost & Found: Things SIN People Find at The Bar

Anyone who has ever worked in a bar or nightclub most definitely has a pocket full of stories about crazy [...]

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It’s 2am In Austin, Welcome To The Show

It's 2am in Austin on a Friday night. Lights are on and all you hear is "We're closed!" or "If [...]

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New York, New York

Saaaaap! I keep thinking my move to New York in late December will be the easiest thing I have ever [...]

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Home Sick

Just one thing. I miss home sweet home. Austin TX is not here in DC.  There are plenty of parties [...]

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