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FDBK Ep. 032 – Put Some Chorizo Funk In Your Life


DJ Chorizo Funk is one of the most sought after DJ in Austin. He’s part of Peligrosa, Body Rock ATX, Austin Boogie Crew, and Motown On Mondays. We talk about: His beginnings as DJ and the local scene at the time How he went from Hip Hop, to Funk then Latin music His role as a DJ and his target ...

FDBK Ep. 031 – Discrimination & Dress Code with Mel and Mr. Black


This episode is different as we talk about discrimination and dress code with Mel and Mr. Black. For the past years, there have been many incidents of discrimination at bars around Austin, and it happens all over the country. Many people of color, including African Americans, are denied entry because of the way they are dressed. In recent news, DeAndre ...

FDBK Ep. 029 – Getting Racial with DJ Charlie and DJ Jeska


Between DJ Charlie and DJ Jeska, we got 1/6 of Table Manners Crew, 1/3 of Royal Commission and 2/3rd of Dusty Groove Radio. We talk about: Humble beginnings and inspirations Their style and dealing of the audience Table Manners Crew and playing at Plush Dusty Groove Radio with Casey Cuts Keep up with them: DJ Charlie:    Plush on Saturday July ...

FDBK Ep. 028 – DJ Chicken George Keeps Peddlin’ Jazztronica


DJ Chicken George has been at it for a long time, spreading the smooth sounds of Jazztronica all over the world. We talk about: His beginnings as a DJ and doing promo work The concept of Jazztronica and his vision His life as an traveling DJ His insight on the local Austin scene The current projects he’s involved in Keep ...

FDBK Ep. 027 – Puns and Music with Kenny Duet and EkWhoa


Both from Ghana and New York, Kenny Duet and EkWhoa have been singing and writing poetry from a young age. They now collaborate on music. We talk about: Where their love for music come from Their first performances Their writing process Their upcoming concert at Lucky Lounge Quote of the show: “No matter where the environment is, my goal is ...

FDBK Ep. 026 – Tee Double Is The Hometown Kid


With 25 years in the music business, Tee Double has become the music ambassador for the city of Austin. As a producer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and advocate, he has a lot of knowledge to share with artists out there trying to make it. We talk about: How he got started at the very young age and the local Hip Hop scene ...

FDBK Ep. 025 – Flashbak to Red Fez Sundays with DJ Kurupt and TapBoi


For 11 years, DJ Kurupt and his homie Richie Rich aka TapBoi held the hottest spot in Austin on Sundays. This was way before Sunday Funday. To this day, people still talk about those Red Fez days as some of the best times they’ve had downtown. We talk: How Kurupt started DJing and how he and Rich met Red Fez: ...

FDBK Ep. 024 – Sexy Time with The Southern Sirens


Christian Casas (choreographer/director) and Natalie Cruz (performer/costume designer) are part of Austin’s hottest burlesque group, The Southern Sirens. You can also catch them dancing and go-go dancing all over town. As they prepare for their last public show, we talk about: Their career as dancers The sexy art of Burlesque Their experience as Southern Sirens What they go through as ...

FDBK Ep. 023 – Meet The Pestis


Meet the Pestis, Erin Millington aka DJ Blend-e from 4Jackz and Pest. They are not their typical girls. They dish out about: Their background as a DJ and a bartender How men should approach women (especially when it comes to fashion) How women need to be more assertive How to have a proper one-night stand Miami vs Austin Quote of ...

FDBK Ep. 022 – ATX vs NYC with Craig


Craig Allen lived in Austin a few years ago and now lives in New York City. He is a  talks about: His experience as a transplant in Austin Differences between Austin and New York City in terms of their nightlife scene His views about how Austin has changed since he left Keep up with Craig:    For all your spa ...

FDBK Ep. 021 – Shaun & Kris Run Parties on Wheels


Shaun Harris and Kris Roberts are the founders of Austin Bus Adventures, a local party bus rental company, a nightclub on wheels. We talk about: The story behind the company How the company operates and their mission What people can expect when riding these party buses Do’s and Don’ts of riding a party bus Keep up with Austin Bus Adventures: ...

FDBK Ep. 020 – Chris Is Living Proper


Chris Proper, founder of Proper Entertainment, is responsible for bringing some of the biggest names in Hip Hop to perform in Austin. He talks about: How he started doing promotions and build a network His first gigs including booking KRS-One and his experience with Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) Managing artists like reggae artist Mike Love His passion to grow a ...

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