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FDBK Ep. 068 – Welcome to The Playboy Edition with Tina Turn Up


We just recap our last out on the town with Jamie and Tina Turn Up and end up talking about: Tina’s last Sunday Funday adventure Guys buying drinks for girls How people dry hump Stories from strip clubs: dances, food Sex stories We take calls from listeners including one live from a bar! Quotes from the show: “I shut the club ...

FDBK Ep. 067 – Travels, Nightlife, and FeedBak with Maxwell


Austin is known worldwide for its nightlife but how does it stack up to other cities. Bak and Jamie got comedian Maxwell Smith on the show: Going out in other cities including Seattle, Chicago, Houston, New York, Paris and more Compare them to Austin The best/worst city to go out in The good and bad things about the Austin nightlife How ...

FDBK Ep. 066 – About That Boat Life And That Dumb Bitch On The Rocks with Jamie, BA, and Zach


Summer time is here which means BOAT SEASON IS HERE! We talk about boat parties with my new co-host Jamie Batiste, BA Snyder, and Zach Turner: Our recent boat party experiences Nakedness Dumb bitches on boats Outfits, bikini, and fashion Drinking and booze Private vs Party Boats What to do on a boat Alternatives to being on a boat but ...

FDBK Ep. 065 – Ginger Leigh, Born With Talent Alongside J-Rock


Born in a family of talented musicians, Ginger Leigh shares her experience and stories about her career as an artist, performer, and song-writer along with her friend Jeannine Rock aka J-Rock: Her upbringing, family, and first gigs Her inspiration How she is on stage Her songwriting process (Jetstream, Mexican Man) The Austin music scene Her travels Meeting her heroes Blu At ...

FDBK Ep. 064 – Bar Etiquette Pt. 3 with Cody and Ashley


Bartenders Cody Budua from StarBar on West 6th and Ashley Haas from Bungalow on Rainey Street talk about: How and why they started bartending The bartender’s life Their pet-peeves as bartenders along with stories Bartending techniques Tips on how to get a hook at the bar Male bartender vs female bartender Quotes from the show: “You need to have your order ready.” ...

FDBK Ep. 063 – Dating, Nightlife, and Knocking Lungs Loose with Sheena, J and Marcy


The conversation about nightlife and dating in Austin continues. Make sure you go back and listen to Part 1: Dating, Nightlife and Nutty Buddies. With Sheena, J and Marcy on the panel, we discuss the following: What would be a definition of date we can all agree on. Why is it so hard to date in Austin? Meeting people in the ...

FDBK Ep. 062 – Cinco De Mayo Live at Holy Mountain


We celebrate Cinco De Mayo at Holy Mountain with B-Boy Queso, Isis, and Kenny Duet: We talk about the meaning/history of Cinco De Mayo We play a game of trivia How to properly take a shot (of tequila) We share tequila stories A boyfriend and girlfriend play Truth or Drink We do a Grito contest How not to celebrate Cinco De Mayo ...

FDBK Ep. 061 – Dating, Nightlife, and Nutty Buddies with Sheena, Tanya, and Big Will


Austin ranks in the Top 5 best cities for singles according to WalletHub. However, the dating scene is quite complex. With Sheena, Tanya and Big Will, we talk about: What constitutes a date: the language, dating vs hanging out The economics of a date and gender roles: who pays? The planning of a date The impact of alcohol in a date ...

FDBK Ep. 060 – The Ladies of D.A.M.E. Take You On A Journey


DJ Mahealani, DJ Shani and Queen Deelah are D.A.M.E. or Down Ass Mamas Elevatin’. We talk about: Their background and upbringing around music from Texas/Maui, Chicago, and Oakland. Their move to Austin and how D.A.M.E. was formed. Collecting records and how they consume music. How they take their audience through a musical journey at their parties. Their song request policy. Being ...

FDBK Ep. 059 – Dave Chappelle, Stevie Wonder and More Easter Weekend FeedBak with Steven, Darren, and Panda Vinci


Easter weekend was quite eventful! Dave Chappelle, Frederic Yonnet, Body Rock, Stevie Wonder and much more. Darren Griffin, Panda Vinci, and Steven DeBose recount their weekend. We talk about: Dave Chappelle’s performance at ACL Live Body Rock at Empire Control Room on Friday night Dave Chappelle’s After-party at Speakeasy with Frederic Yonne, Stevie Wonder, and his All-Star Band Stevie Wonder’s show: Songs in ...

FDBK Ep. 058 – Crew 54 Is That Group From The 254


M.O.S. and G-Christ of Crew 54 may have jumped into Hip Hop late but they definitely caught up with it. They have been bringing those raw lyrics on top of banging head-nodding beats. We talk about: How they fell in love with Hip Hop and met each other (great story there!) The beat, production process, the live shows The 54 ...

FDBK Ep. 057 – SXSW FeedBak with Micco, Paul, Chris, Obi, and SXSWhoa


SXSW 2015 has come and gone. We recap the festival with Micco Fey, Paul Erickson, Chris Burfict, Obi Ariguzo, and Marshall Wesney aka SXSWhoa from the SXSW Mafia: Preparations and expectations The Domination Team from GroupMe The Fader Fort and the Kanye rumor The lines at the various shows: General Admission, Wristband/Badge, Cash, VIP How the new technology impacted the festival ...

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