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FDBK Ep. 017 – QD and Fideo Work Door, Bar and Turntables


Randy McGraw aka DJ QD and Robert Vasquez aka DJ Fideo have both worked as door guys, bartenders and DJs. They talk about: How they started in the industry What inspired them to become DJs and how their first gig went How they consume music Some of things they had to deal with as bartenders/door guys Keep up with them: ...

FDBK Ep. 016 – Off The Top with Zeale


Born and raised Austinite and MC/artist Zeale talks about: His introduction to Hip Hop and freestyling Being on the rap battle circuit Becoming a recording artist The Austin Hip Hop scene What it takes to be a true MC His encounters with Talib Kweli, KRS-ONE, Questlove, and L.A. Reid Click here to watch Zeale save the day at the AWOLNATION ...

FDBK Ep. 015 – Girls On Decks With I Wanna Be Her & Kay Cali


Ericka Herod aka DJ I Wanna Be Her and Kayleen Nelson aka DJ Kay Cali from the Royal Commission talk about: Their backgrounds as a DJ and how they got their name Their style and how they consume music The Royal Commission Being a female DJ in a male-dominated industry Keep up with them: DJ I Wanna Be Her:    1st Wednesday ...

FDBK Ep. 014 – Obi and Meetal Survived SXSW


SXSW vets Obi Ariguzo and Meetal Patel talk all things SXSW 2014: Their past SXSW experiences and how they got into it How they prepared and what they expected from this edition of SXSW Official vs unofficial shows and the impact of corporations How they got around the festival SXSW from the perspective of the artists The tragedy of March 13th Memorable ...

FDBK Ep. 013 – DJ Orion Does And Plays It All


DJ Orion, Master General of the DJ Collective Peligrosa, talks about: How he started DJing and his roots in the Latin culture His DJing style and his process when rocking a crowd Peligrosa, its inception, the members and their style Click here to watch the City of Austin announces Peligrosa Day (butchering their names) and they do a short performance of ...

FDBK Ep. 012 – ulovei and ulovesxsw


Miguel Angel a.k.a. photographer/DJ ulovei talks about: His background as a photographer and his business model His experience as a DJ including song requests Tips, advice and recommendations for SXSW (Check rsvpster.com for SXSW info. Register for $30-$40 and they’ll RSVP you to everything) Find out about all the cool (unofficial) parties happening during SXSW (with RSVP links) from insiders. ...

FDBK Ep. 011 – Mike Swing and Protege Go Way Bak


Jason Hernandez a.k.a. DJ Protege and Michael Williams a.k.a. DJ Mike Swing talk about: How they started DJing: radio debut, the origin of their DJ name, their 1st gig, Red Fez and Barcelona Their different styles of DJing Their take on song requests and crowd pleasing Stories from back in the days KrackerNutzz, Booth Pimps and New Jack Swing Keep up ...

FDBK Ep. 010 – Sunday Funday With J and Angela


Angela Reyes, who conducts the interview for The FeedBak, and J to talk about the phenomenon that is Sunday Funday: Their definition of that infamous day The main circuit/ritual of Sunday Funday The experts and the noobs We also talk about branching out, breaking that ritual to explore new places in town  Please share, comment, and let me know what ...

FDBK Ep. 009 – Feel The Energy With Riders Against The Storm


Dynamic duo Chaka and Qi a.k.a. Riders Against The Storm (RAS) and 2/3 of Body Rock talk about: How they met and got started as community organizers and comedians then became Riders Against The Storm The RAS style: the fashion, the music, the Masters of Ceremony, the message and philosophy Body Rock, the monthly dance party every 1st Friday at ...

FDBK Ep. 008: Bar Etiquette Pt. 2 With Michelle and Dacia


Bartenders Michelle Hill from StarBar on West 6th and Dacia Branch from Bungalow on Rainey Street talk about: How and why they started bartending and walk down memory lane Their pet-peeves as bartenders along with stories Bartending techniques Tips on how to get a hook at the bar  Be sure to go visit them at these bars and most importantly: ...

FDBK Ep. 007: Go Go Garcia Keeps Going


Jose Garcia a.k.a. DJ Go Go Garcia talks about: How he got started DJing with House and Techno (as a Hip Hop head) and where the name Go Go Garcia comes from. His thoughts regarding song requests. How he developed Sundays at Dirty Bills. His Off The Wall event along with DJ Bird Peterson for vinyl enthusiasts and Service Industry people. ...

FDBK Ep. 006: Melissa Hess And The Going Out Process


Melissa Hess, NOLA native, Social Media guru, PR/Marketing expert, and founder of Connected By talks about: How she got started in the promotion/marketing business How she gets ready before going out, including tips and advice How to deal with going out in groups Keep up with Melissa on Twitter, on Facebook. Here is a link to the Facebook campaign she used ...

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