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When Dancing Intense Goes Wrong


Sup wit it? Everything good ?   Anyway, dat ain’t what I’m here to speak about. So I’m out last night at this one spot wit my boy. He is a cool cat don’t get me wrong, but his dance moves went from 0 to 60 in New York Minute LITERALLY. I’m chillin’ with a lil’ whiskey and beer, i ...

Live From N.Y.C!!!!

new york pics at night view

Ayoooooooooo!!!!!   Its been a minuttttttte Feedbak. WELP!! I’m still in NYC i can’t believe its almost been a year since i last lived in Austin TExas. Do i miss it? HELL YEA!!! but to be perfectly honest i’ve never been so sober in my LIFE!! My liver is like jumping for joy as we speak lol. Most would be ...

New York, New York


Saaaaap! I keep thinking my move to New York in late December will be the easiest thing I have ever done. Welp! Turns out it prolly will be the hardest thing I have ever done, and for obvious reasons lol. The nightlife will be cool out in Brooklyn where I am moving, it’s kinda like Austin actually out in Washington ...



Myintrotoletuknow “My name is Alberto & I’m from South Austin” -this is how I will introduce myself on cause that is how I introduce myself in regular conversation. I moved to Brooklyn from South Austin two and a half years ago and have been in love with Brooklyn ever since. I develop parties & events around NYC -this isn’t ...

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