Friday, April 18th
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FDBK Ep. 006: Melissa Hess And The Going Out Process


Melissa Hess, NOLA native, Social Media guru, PR/Marketing expert, and founder of Connected By talks about: How she got started in the promotion/marketing business How she gets ready before going out, including tips and advice How to deal with going out in groups Keep up with Melissa on Twitter, on Facebook. Here is a link to the Facebook campaign she used ...

FDBK Ep. 005: DJ Mel, The President’s DJ


One of Austin’s favorite DJs, DJ Mel, talks about: His passion for music and what led him to DJing How Nasty’s started His take on song requests His experience DJing for President Obama Be sure to go check him out at Nasty’s (36th/Guadeloupe) every Monday. E-mail your name at for free entry for 11pm. Follow him on Twitter at @djmel, ...

FDBK Ep. 004: Bar Etiquette With Lauren


Lauren McKenzie, bartender at Brew Exchange, talk about: How she started bartending and her passion for it. What is proper bar etiquette? Her pet-peeves. Do’s and don’ts. What she sees from behind the bar. She is leaving for Australia soon and would like to thank the staff of Brew Exchange and all the people she’s worked with. Come party with her ...

Wisdom of a Drunk Man

drunk man talking

I was just sitting down at a table at Bungalow and this dude comes to sit next to me. I had no idea who he was or what he wanted. All I knew is that he was way past drunk. Have you ever been near someone so drunk, you can actually feel it even though you’re dead sober? Well, that ...

FDBK Ep. 003: Mr. Chris “Globetrotter” Daus


Former manager of Six Lounge and Hangar Lounge, Chris Daus, talks about: How he got in the bar business back in Seattle and his move to Austin. The ups and downs of bar management Back from his 5-month trip to Europe, we talk about the differences between European bars and Austin bars. Played a game of Instant FeedBak Here’s a ...

FDBK Ep. 002: A Kid Named Slyce


DJ Kid Slyce from Table Manners Crew, Applied Pressure, New Jack Swing and many more projects talks about: His passion for DJing and how it came about The role of the DJ: Introduce new music VS. Play to the crowd Song requests & pet peeves We played a game of Instant FeedBak (Word Association) Keep up with him on Twitter: @KidSlyce, ...

FDBK Ep. 001 : Welcome To The FeedBak Podcast!


I am very excited to introduce to you our new addition to The FeedBak: Bi-weekly podcast where we talk about nightlife In this first episode, I wanted to give you guys a little background about The FeedBak: A little bit about me. How the concept of the FeedBak came about. How it has evolved over the years. What the purpose ...

Hip Hop Open Mic Night


We all know what an open mic is. Basically, there’s a mic on stage and anybody- and i mean anybody- can go up and talk into that mic. As a bonus, it may come with audience. Well, I’ve seen (and performed) at a comedy open mics but this was my first time checking out a hip hop open mic. It’s ...

The Story of a Girl and a Dude


This is a story about a girl and a dude. I actually met the girl through other friends that night. Then the dude showed up and one of the most fascinating plot unfolded before my eyes. I was actually taking notes while I was watching it. It was like being at the theater and they were performing just for me. ...

East Side vs West Side


Looking at Austin’s night scene, it seems to work like a spectrum that stretches from as far as Frontier Bar on the East side to Molotov on West 6th Street. Then you have everything between: Rainey Street, Red River District, Dirty 6th, Warehouse District and 2nd Street area. In this post, I’d like to compare the 2 extremes, namely what ...

When Dancing Intense Goes Wrong


Sup wit it? Everything good ?   Anyway, dat ain’t what I’m here to speak about. So I’m out last night at this one spot wit my boy. He is a cool cat don’t get me wrong, but his dance moves went from 0 to 60 in New York Minute LITERALLY. I’m chillin’ with a lil’ whiskey and beer, i ...

Welcome to the New FeedBak


Welcome to the NEW FeedBak! The FeedBak is BAK to feed you some juicy stories, funny anecdotes, rants and share tips and advice about the nightlife experience! We’ve redesigned the website with the following features:

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