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Sunday July 31 @ 5pm

Live at Antone’s


Special Guest

Greg Giannukos
Greg GiannukosProfessional Photographer
He tours with musicians and captures unique moments full of soul and life. He join us on the podcast to share his passion for music and photography.


Listen to our 3-part podcast series as we discuss Mayor Adler’s resolution to save Austin music!

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FDBK Ep. 101 – Sunday Funday Live From Lavaca Street Bar at Rock Rose

July 19th, 2016|0 Comments

The FeedBak Podcast crew, Bak, Micco, and Byron kick off the season by sharing their insight on Sunday Funday, live from one of the newest Sunday Funday locales in Austin,  Lavaca Steet Bar @ Rock Rose: Origins of "Sunday Funday" Rock Rose as a new Sunday Funday scene Sunday Funday [...]

FDBK Ep. 100 – Save Austin Music Part 3 – Dissecting The Solutions Live From City Hall

June 30th, 2016|0 Comments

We made it to 100 episodes, folks! Thank you for your support! Jennifer Houlihan (Austin Music People), Gavin Garcia (Music Commission), and Don Pitts (ATX Music Office) join us for the finale of our Save Austin Music Series live from City Hall. (Check out Part 1 and Part 2): The official response [...]

FDBK Ep. 099 – Save Austin Music Part 2 – Bet On Music Tech

June 23rd, 2016|0 Comments

We recap the 2nd Street Soundcheck and Solstice Festival. Get to know some of the local bands by listening to our preview show). Chris Bush is the CEO of TipCow, an app that allows you to tip a band directly from your phone. Dan Redman, founder of Mosaic Sound Collective, a [...]

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Grown Men Should Act/Dress Their Age

If you know me or have read some of my previous stories, one of my hobbies when I go out is to people-watch. I’m sure everybody does it too some extent but most people are oblivious to it. And that’s OK: they’re out to have fun so why waste time watching other people do the same? On top of that, you’re drinking so who cares? Anyway, sometimes I choose to go out to be entertained, by other people’s foolishness. I may sound like I’m a pompous, spoiled, monarch from an old 17th century European kingdom but let’s not fool ourselves. If you see a girl fall flat on her ass because she can’t walk in heels to save her life, you’d chuckle a bit. If you witness a dude get a drink thrown at his face at the bar because he said and/or did something totally inappropriate to a girl he was trying to holla at, that would be a story to tell. So here’s a story I have to tell. […]

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More Than Pizza: Applying Basic Business Principles to the DJ/Entertainment Industry Part III

This is last installment of DJ Bobby West's series about the DJ/Entertainment industry. Make sure to read Part 1 and Part 2. Are you tired of eating pizza every night?

A Song Request Gone Wrong, But Right

If there’s one thing that most DJs really don’t like, it’s song request. Of course, there are do’s and don’ts when it comes to getting your favorite song played. If you haven’t read DJ Bobby West’s guide to requesting songs, you should definitely check it out. It’s one thing if the request makes sense and goes along with the current vibe of the place but asking for “Call Me Maybe” in the middle of a low tempo Hip Hop set is really out of place. This story took place at Malverde on 2nd and Guadeloupe. If you’ve never been there, it is a really nice place by the way. Bar staff is cool, atmosphere is chill but most of all the music is always on point. It is the home of DJ Mel (and sometimes DJ HoneyComb) on Fridays and DJ Chicken George on Saturdays. I think they are some of the best and I’ll always recommend them if you’re looking for good vibes outside of the usual Top 40 stuff you hear all over town. Well, here’s a story about a song request that went wrong. […]

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More Than Pizza: Applying Basic Business Principles to the DJ/Entertainment Industry Part II

DJ Bobby West shares his thoughts on the DJ/entertainment industry regarding the selection of music that is provided at bars/clubs. As he explained in Part I, from a business standpoint, it is good practice to provide patrons with other music than Top 40 (i.e. pizza). In Part II, he takes his analogy with the food industry further and gives advice on how to improve the nightlife experience: what to look for when booking a DJ, maintain consistency in your brand, and build a variety.

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