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Weezy Baby!

bourbon street

A couple weeks ago, some friends and I took a trip to the world-famous New Orleans, Nawlins, Big Easy or whatever other name this city has. I personally have many friends from there and I always heard interesting stories about it. Everybody who’s been there comes back with great memories, stories of drunkenness, and debauchery. You look on your Facebook ...

Greatest Night of My Life!


I went to see Raekwon and Mobb Deep perform at Kung Fu Saloon. These where two artists I grew up listening to and to say I was excited would be a massive understatement. I got there 5 hours early to make sure I could get in. By the time the concert started the only thing in front of me was ...

508 House Virgin Mobile/C3 Private Party


I had the pleasure of working the 508 Virgin Mobile/C3 private event this year at SXSW. I’ve worked a lot of shows and I have to say this was the classiest act I’ve worked. The people I worked with and got to know were super nice, courteous and helpful and respectful. The patrons were great, the music was awesome. I ...

A Very Jolly Holiday Formal Party

ATX Formal

When I first heard of this Holiday Formal party, I have to admit I didn’t think much of it, especially for a Wednesday night. I actually thought it was going to be one of those events you see in Austin Monthly with all these rich folks get together for to raise money, stand around wearing clothes you see celebrities wear ...

How Do You Top ACL Day 1?


ACL Day 1 should have been Day 3 to close the festival, so many good artists, all performing on the same day! Big Boi, Foster the People, Nas & Damian Marley, Santigold, Pretty Lights, and Coldplay! Kanye West took to the stage on Day 1 to close out the night during ACL! Fans had a hard decision to make on ...

9th Wonder Was Here. Who Cares About The Rest?


So the Austin City Limits festival is in full swing at this point. I’ve never been but I appreciate the music that comes to town during any of these festivals (SXSW being the biggest of course). As pre-ACL show, I was excited to go see 9th Wonder, the DJ/producer of one of my favorite rap group, Little Brother. I’ve seen ...



I really enjoyed my night last friday the 07/23/11 @ Barcelona on 6th Street with a beautiful lady. The atmosphere was great the bartender (Eric S.) was awesome. The music, courtesy of DJ Benzo, was right. The whole nine yards…Austin like always is the greatest leave like that. No question!….

Awesome Event!


This event packed tons of excitement as soon as I walked in the door. The Venue was AMAZING and helped set the pace for the night feeling like I was back in Las Vegas! There was an Awesome mix of people having a blast. One of the best Parties that I have attended this year. Great Music, Great Drinks, Awesome ...

The Park at The Domain


Suup So a lil’ birdy whispered in my ear that Union Park was opening a new location in The Domain and for me its a no brainer to go and see what it’s like. Well, if you like the Union Park located Downtown, you will love this location just the same. The Domain location has a very upscale/sports bar look, ...

The Hip Hop Mecca That Is Plush


I love new ways of life like jumping out in your fresh gear feeling and know everything is on point. Soooo, where do I go after P vs. M boxing match??!!! 1 party that moves from a house to a club type of style but grimy with the same type of vibes that carry real tradition hip hop (TMC) traxx. ...

Crawfish Sundays


Hey fellow Feeders and Feed readers, Tedzilla here, and I am back- this time with a review on District 301’s crawfish party this last Sunday. I will also probably ramble about this or that because that’s just what I do- I go off on tangents. It makes for a much more eye-gasmic, synaptic firing, belch inducing, reading experience- in my ...

The Kung Fu Hustle


What do Bruce Lee, Pac Man, and Irish Car Bombs have in common? If the only answer you can come up with is that the three can all be considerably threatening to one’s health, have no fear. The Kung Fu Saloon houses them all under one roof in a most harmonious existence. Music to your ears? It should be. If ...

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