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FDBK Ep. 039 – Do ACL Right with Micco and Lane

micco-and-lane Podcast: Play in new window | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Micco and Lane are ACL veterans. They just enjoyed the 1st weekend of the festival this year and had a lot to say about it: How to prepare for the festival What to expect How to get around The shows The fashion, the food, people watching Issues ...

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Hip Hop Open Mic Night


We all know what an open mic is. Basically, there’s a mic on stage and anybody- and i mean anybody– can go up and talk into that mic. As a bonus, it may come with audience. Well, I’ve seen (and performed) at a comedy open mics but this was my first time checking out a hip hop open mic. It’s ...

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K.Flay and Jayceeoh headline unofficial Interactive


Hello! Just making sure you and Feedbak readers know about the massive party/live hip-hop/DJ showcase my Austin tech startup is throwing to kick off unofficial Interactive. I’ll put you on the VIP list with drink tickets, if you let me know you’re coming out! The SpareFoot Party is hosted bySpareFoot, the online marketplace for self-storage. We’re a tech startup success ...

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More Than Pizza: Applying Basic Business Principles to the DJ/Entertainment Industry Part III

There's always a bachelorette party that wants to hear Pony.

This is last installment of DJ Bobby West's series about the DJ/Entertainment industry. Make sure to read Part 1 and Part 2. Are you tired of eating pizza every night?

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More Than Pizza: Applying Basic Business Principles to the DJ/Entertainment Industry Part II


DJ Bobby West shares his thoughts on the DJ/entertainment industry regarding the selection of music that is provided at bars/clubs. As he explained in Part I, from a business standpoint, it is good practice to provide patrons with other music than Top 40 (i.e. pizza). In Part II, he takes his analogy with the food industry further and gives advice on how to improve the nightlife experience: what to look for when booking a DJ, maintain consistency in your brand, and build a variety.

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More Than Pizza: Applying Basic Business Principles to the DJ/Entertainment Industry Part I


All restaurants are Taco Bell (Not really, but maybe you catch my reference?) Imagine, for a few seconds, that you move away from Austin for a year and then return. On the drive back, you think of all the restaurants you’ve been craving for the past year, but when you get back to Austin, you discover something curious. Your favorite ...

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How and When To Request a Song From A DJ


I met Bak a few days ago, found out about the FeedBak, and thought I’d post something! As a DJ, when I found the question about DJ song requests in the FAQ section on this website, I thought I’d throw out my thoughts! So, when is it cool to make a request?

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Indigestion in the ATX


For many of us who live in the ATX, we have lived by the unwritten rules of love everyone; have fun and Keep Austin Weird. We especially enjoy the benefits of our free thinking, free loving, free spirited and no cover bar entry seven days a week nightlife . Soon we will begin the spring and summer seasons of the ...

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My 10 SXSW Essentials


SXSW is in full swing and I am in musical heaven! If you are like me, you are taking off work and spending the entire week practically living on the streets of downtown hopping from show to show with very little sleep because there is simply too much good music that you don’t want to miss. With that in mind, ...

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SXSW Tips & Tricks?


As you all know, SXSW fever is officially here. Although I have been living in Austin for 13+ years now, 2012 is going to be my first year of actually experiencing the phenomenon that is SXSW… And I am committed!! I have not purchased a wristband, but I have a plan. I am taking days off from work, have carefully ...

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Ladies, Please Be Careful


I usually write about funny and interesting observations I make but I think it’s time for a more serious topic; especially after reading about what happened on New Year’s Eve. It’s about safety, ladies. Yes, ladies, I’m talking to you. If you haven’t read about this tragic story yet. Here’s a gist of it. A 29-year-old teaching assistant and camp ...

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Heels: How High Is Too High?


Every night I go out I’ve see multiple women stumble, sprain their ankles or even fall wearing today’s latest high heel fashion. I’m not talking the 1-3 inch range of heels; I’m talking about the 4-6 inch heel or even 7-9 inches off the ground heel due to the platform trend. Seriously, what is up with women trying to imitate ...

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